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      Use of PEEK in the Medical Industry


      Many medical device manufacturers now use implantable PEEK as a way to improve the biocompatibility of load-bearing implants. It makes implants much more bone-friendly and is also much more compatible with diagnostic imaging than metal implants.
      Implantable PEEK polymers – manufactured in accordance with stringent quality standards and backed by full raw material traceability – are nowadays available in an array of formulations, ranging from unfilled grades with varying molecular weight, to image-contrast and carbon fibrereinforced grades.
      The benefits of PEEK in spinal cages have led to its widespread acceptance in these devices. In fact, spinal cages are now an industry worth over $1bn, and the majority of that is PEEK.

      PEEK can be utilized in the following:
      • * Spinal fusion
      • * Interspinous spacers
      • * Motion preservation and dynamic stabilisation
      • * Pedicle-based rod systems for non-fusion
      • * Disc arthroplasty
      • * Minimally invasive fusion surgery

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